Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine Inspiration from a mug.

I was out shopping with my friends one evening and we went into a well known coffee shop. One of my friends was after a thermos type mug for when she is out on playground duty at school.

While we were in there, I got my eye on a lovely, colourful china mug which had a lid. It's perfect for when I'm crafting in my craft room. Time passes so quickly when I'm busy in there, and before you know it, the nice cuppa has gone stone cold. I am fussy and don't like the thermos type mugs as they have a plastic lid you have to drink through.

I love my new mug and it inspired me to make these cards...

I used the baby wipe technique where you add drops of different coloured inks onto a baby wipe. Making sure you don't leave any gaps. Then use it as an ink pad and stamp as usual. You must remember to clean the stamp after each use or you will end up with a brown mess.

I couldn't decide which card to give to my husband. In the end I made him a different one using more traditional Valentine colours.

He was very happy with it. 

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